A Little About The Chamber

We’re a pretty lively bunch here at the Chamber! What do we share in common? We’re all crazy excited to be delivering a service that connects
business and community.

Sarah Trustem

Executive Director

Sarah is entering her second year as Executive Director.

She is passionate about creating a quality of place in Dickinson that will help retain and recruit workforce. Her focus has been centered around making positive changes to continue to make the Chamber relevant and visible to all members of the community.


→ Holds a political science degree from Dickinson State University and a MPA graduate degree from the University of Mary

→ Mother of 2 children + 2 dogs

→ Was once a congressional intern in Washington, D.C. and a high school social science instructor

→ Currently serves on the Dickinson City Commission

Megan Klassen

Marketing & Communications Manager

Megan has woken up every day for over four years excited to make a difference with the Chamber in the community.

She is crazy excited to support the Chamber by delivering marketing that changes the way members view their investment & involvement.


→ A native North Dakotan & seasoned marketer who honed helping uncover insights and “Aha” moments to fuel effective marketing and product strategies while working in Minneapolis.

→ Holds a degree from the University of St. Thomas

→ Mother to 3 (↓ the age of 6) who love to explore the Badlands

→ Weird music lover who also speaks French


The newest face at the Chamber office!

Christina Jorgensen

Events & Member Relations Manager

  • Q: What do you like to do in your free time?
    A: In my free time I love seeing my family,  enjoy summer weekends at Lake Sakakawea and spending extra time baking and crafting!
  • Q: What’s something about yourself that would surprise people?
    A: I can drive a motorcycle, car, or bus. Just not at the same time ????
  • Q: If you could be any fictional character, who would you be? Why?
    A: Leslie Knope, she’s my inspiration! Her attitude, outlook on life and work ethic are admirable. And I, too, love a good waffle.
  • Q: What’s your favorite genre of music to work to?
    A: I work best while listening to acoustic guitar music or easy listening like Jason Mraz, Jack Johnson or Ed Sheeran.
  • Q: Do you have a favorite Netflix binge-watch show?
    A: Friends, hands down!
  • Q: Name something on your bucket list
    A: Traveling to Germany to take in all the history that country has to offer. Maybe with a pit-stop at Stonehenge.
  • Q: What drew you to the Chamber?
    A: I was drawn to the Chamber because of the organization’s involvement and connections within the community.


The Chamber’s Board of Directors governs Chamber activities generally, including setting the budget, adopting policies, rules and regulations, and controlling its property and finances. Its members consist of up of up to 13 volunteers who are nominated by community leaders and voted on by existing board members. They may serve up to two consecutive, 3-year terms.